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Mr Gorham. Born William Scott Gorham, Glendale California, 1951 on St. Patrick’s Day (17th March).  


While Scott was growing up on the ‘rich side of town’ he had light brushes with the law while dipping into drugs.


Scott started playing music at around the age of 13 playing bass guitar in a locally formed surf group. The band split up after the untimely death of the guitarist in a motorcycle accident. After the members went their separate ways Scott went between several different bands playing bass, deciding then to take up the guitar.


When Scott was 19 he took up his first gig as a guitarist. He became close friends with a drummer called Bob Siebenberg, Bob later persuaded Scott to go to London to try out for the band Supertramp which Bob was playing as the drummer. When Scott got to London he found out the band had already filled the slot for a guitarist. Scott came to London with a 6th month visa. It was not until he had 30 days left to stay in the country when he had his big break-through that would make him world famous.

When Scott went for the audition for Thin Lizzy, who he had never heard of, he jammed with the rest of the band. After the session he thought that he didn’t have a chance of getting in, although it wasn’t until Phil rang Scott later that night offering him the position of lead guitarist. After Phil had Eric Bell walk out on the band halfway through a set Phil had decided that he did not want to have to rely on just one guitarist so the newly formed band of Phil Lynott, Brian Downey & Scott Gorham started auditioning for a second guitarist. The band finally settled on Brian Robertson, Scott and Brian R now formed the most famous guitar partnership in hard rock.


Scott was the best man at Phil’s wedding.  

After Lizzy going through the different guitarists of Brian R, Gary Moore & Snowy White, John Sykes joined the band. Thin Lizzy disbanded in 1983 as it is reported that Scott no longer agreed with Lynott’s drug problems. Scott promptly left the music scene to save himself.


In December 1984 Kerrang magazine reported "Former Thin Lizzy guitarist Scott Gorham has formed a new band under the moniker of "The Western Front". This band had recorded in Woodland Hills California producing demos at the 24-track studio. The music that they did produce was “mainstream rock ‘n’ roll”.


Again as reported in 1985 Scott and Phil were in talks to reform the band which had given them both fame, although unfortunately Phil did not live to see this happening.

In 1987 Scott played guitar on the Phenomena track ‘Did It All For Love’ also having the solo on the track. This track is on the Phenomena album ‘Dream Runner’. Ex-Aha member Leif Johansen and Michael Sturgis who later in 1990 formed ’21-Guns’ with Scott. Their first album ‘Salute’ was released in 1992.

In 1996, Scott along with John Sykes, Darren Wharton, Marco Mendoza & Tommy Aldridge reformed the Thin Lizzy to do a few gigs in tribute to Lynott. This line up then got back together in 2000 to perform the ‘One Night Only’ album in Germany.


In 2006 Scott back with John and Marco and another member Tommy Lee on drums toured the UK in a 20 date set up to mark 20 years of Phil’s death. In 2007 Thin Lizzy returned to mark the 30th anniversary of the ‘Live & Dangerous’ recording.


Thin Lizzy planned to tour in the summer of 2009 to mark the release of a newly uncovered live recording ‘Still Dangerous". This tour never took place as current front-man and guitarist John Sykes left Thin Lizzy.

The break-up of Thin Lizzy in 2009 allowed Scott to resume recording with his 1990’s band 21-Guns.


2009 saw Scott getting his own show on Planet Rock Radio, the set of pre-recorded shows started Sunday the 5th of April at 20:00, the show was also repeated Fridays at 21:00.


Scott is also a patron for charity 'Born Too Soon' which has been supporting the Neonatal Unit at Kingston Hospital (Surrey, UK) since 1985.

2011 and Thin Lizzy are back with a brand new line up, set of European Tour Dates and perviously unreleased material. This new line up of the band reunites Scott with Brian Downey and Darren Wharton, Def Leppards Viv Campbell (guitar), Bassist Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake, Ted Nugent) and The Almighty’s Ricky Warwick (vocals and guitar) complete this stellar line up.  


With Vivian Campbell furfilling commitments with Def Leppard during the summer of 2011 Scott was joined by Guns N' Roses guitarist Richard Fortus on lead guitar.


The second leg of the 2011 Thin Lizzy tour saw Engl introducing 'Scott Gorham Signature' amp heads.


Thin Lizzy recruited guitarist Damon Johnson (Alice Cooper, Brother Cane) to replace Richard Fortus on their US tour with Judas Priest and then on into 2012. Johnson was subsquently announced as a full time member of the band.

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After many years in the making Scott Gorham & Harry Doherty have released Scott's memiors in a fantastic glossy A4 book titled 'Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town'. The first edition prints sold like wildfire and a second print has been ordered and will be hitting the shelves very soon.  


It was announced by Thin Lizzy management that the band would be recording and releasing a new Thin Lizzy album with tour dates to promote the album. After much consideration from the band it was decided not to follow up with this plan and it was announced the UK dates in December 2012 would be a 'Farewell' tour as the band would stop touring under the Thin Lizzy name, although there would still be special shows in the future.


As an addition to the 'Farewell' tour dates Thin Lizzy announced they would be joining Kiss & Motley Crue for a 12 date Austrilian tour.


In a press release on the 20th December 2012 it was reveiled that Scott, Damon, Ricky & Marco will be joined by ex- Alice Cooper drummer Jimmy DeGrasso to form a new band by the name of BLACK STAR RIDERS! New music is due for May '13 with a summer of festivals and a world tour to follow.

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2013 is all about Black Star Riders! The debut single from the band, 'Bound For Glory' was released on 26.03.13 to download on iTunes with the album 'All Hell Breaks Loose'  due for release in May. The boys are due to take the the road to tour the UK at the end of the year with more dates to come.

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