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At the tender age of 9 Scott's dad brought him a $40 Sears and Roebuck nylon string acoustic which was to be the first in a long line of guitars in the collection.


When Scott first came to the UK he is said to have had a Strat which he had sold to Rodger Hodgson of Supertramp. When attending the Thin Lizzy audition Scott had a black 'un-named' Japanese Les Paul copy, it is said that the volume knob and screw had fallen off this guitar during that audition.

When Scott joined Thin Lizzy Phil took him guitar shopping in Denmark Street, London. At this time Thin Lizzy had a very tight budget and when Scott walked into the shop and went straight to the Les Paul customs, Phil quickly pointed him to the cheaper guitars. Scott then saw the infamous Gibson Les Paul Deluxe '69 equiped with mini-humbucker pick-ups. This guitar can seen on the 'Live & Dangerous' footage. Sadly this guitar was stolen from Scott in New York while recording the 21 Guns album.

It was while the band were touring the US that Scott got his hands on his other noted guitar. At a show in Boston Scott was visited by a vintage guitar dealer who had six boxes with him, Scott made a bee-line for a '59 Gibson Les Paul in a 'Darkburst' ('Wine Red') finish. This turned out to be a '57 Les Paul. After a number of years of playing the finish began to fade and showed to have a Gold Top finish underneath. This guitar was Scott's main guitar untill 1983 when Thin Lizzy split.

After the Thin Lizzy days Scott changed his guitars to Strats. The two Strats he has were both custom made for him by Charlie Chandler, although these guitars are Strats in body the 'guts' are all Gibson. The main reason for this change was the fact Les Pauls were to heavy for Scott so this new option gave the best of both worlds for him in terms of tone and verisatility. These guitars feature Floyd Rose-type tremolos and Gibson T-500 humbuckers in the bridge position. In 1994 when Thin Lizzy began touring again these Strats were used as his main guitar. In 2009 Scott was in talks with Gibson about a lightened Les Paul model, so in his words " I’ll be playing Pauls again".

2011 sees him doing just that, Thin Lizzy arrive back on the scene with a brand new line-up and Scott with a brand new guitar. The new guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Axcess finished in Ebony incorporating a Floyd Rose system with exposed-coil super hot 496R and 498T pickups in the neck and bridge positions. Gibson Custom have also chambered Scott's Axcess which makes it a lot lighter and easier to move around, this coupled with the sculpted back edge makes it the perfect guitar.

scott_gorham_thin_lizzy scott's les paul axcess 2011 copy 1158499139_N4NLL-XL 3156401366_3111f0d439 gibson1398



The Marshall days:


As did many of the 70's rockers Scott started off his days in Thin Lizzy with Marshall amps. Scott's noted rig set up was the 100 watt Marshall JCM900SL-X heads with 2 Marshall 4x12 cabs.


The set up and particular types of Marshall amps is said to have changed a number of times through out the 70's & 80's.


Scotts change from Marshall to German company Engl:


In an interview with Premier Guitar in 2009, Scott said this about changing to Engl Amps "About two years ago on a UK tour I was using a stand-in guitar tech who managed to run the wrong voltage through both my Marshall amps just before our Wembley Arena show, blowing them all to hell. So with only a couple of hours before I had to play in front of 15,000 fans, my back was severely against the wall with nothing to play through. Luckily, an Engl representative was on tour with us and suggested that I try one of their amps. At that point I had never even heard of Engl and was very reluctant to go down that road, but the circumstances dictated otherwise so I had them throw one up for me to try, and from the first chord I was completely sold. Playing a new brand of amp in front of 15,000 people in your home town was quite an experience, but I loved the sound and have been using them ever since"

scott_gorham_thin_lizzy IMG_0526

Scott's Signature Amp Heads:


The second leg of the 2011 Thin Lizzy tour sees Engl introducing the Scott Gorham signature amp heads. These heads are used with Engl Pro Vintage Cabinets.

Optimized-Scott Gorham Tiger Stripe 2

In late 2012 Scott's first Les Paul, the above guitar, met with a unfortunate accident where the headstock snapped off. While this was back with Gibson in London Scott needed a new primary guitar. Completly custom to Scott his new 'Tiger Stripe' Gibson Les Paul Axcess made its debut on the UK Thin Lizzy 'Farewell' tour.


The custom Les Paul was also used to record the debut Black Star Riders album 'All Hell Breaks Loose' which is released to the world this May via the Nuclear Blast record label.


On the 30th of May '13 Black Star Riders played their first ever show at the Marshall Amps Theatre, Milton Keynes-UK to a sold out VIP audience. To mark the occasion Marshall produced these custom amp cabinet fronts to mark the event.


These have subsequently been used at the European festival dates.


A Mighty Return

Scott Gorham returns to Marshall Amplification...


Early in 2016 Marshall announched both Scott & Ricky joined the Marshall family. Scott rocks through DSL100 heads and 1960BX cabs.


“After a few years away from Marshall, I now realize what I've been missing. Best sound I've had in years” SG '16

1960BX_3264_850-700x525 DSL100H_1765_8501-700x525